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Edited Dec 16 09 at 1330. To redirect immediately set this parameter to 0 seconds for the content attribute.

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The true address of the destination website not your domain name will display in the viewers browser.

Redirect index html to domain. This would let the bots only index the indexhtml. The most common use cases of the redirect feature is to set HTTP to HTTPS redirection. The address bar should display your domain name yet the page content should display the site you specified in step 3.

Redirect to a local site file. The content attribute sets the delay before the browser redirects the user to the new web page. This would let the bots only index the indexhtml.

If you want to avoid both the and indexhtml being indexed by search bots then add R301 to make it a permanent redirect rather than a temporary redirect 302 which is the default. Azure Front Door recommends that you should always set the redirection to HTTPS only. In this example we setup a redirect in the indexhtml file.

There are common htaccess 301 redirect rules that I find myself searching for each time I build a website need to redirect a page for a SEO strategy for a client or help with a websites SEO transition planSo I thought I would create a resource where I could gather all the common rules into one spot to save me time each project. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond HTTP_HOST. This resulted in apache infinitely redirecting indexphp to itself.

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Set the nameservers of the old domain to somewhere you have cPanel hosting Go into cPanel and add the old domain Add ahtaccess file that 301 redirects all the internal pages to the new domain. Save your changes to the indexhtml file. Time represents the delay before the browser redirects the user to a different page.

Frame Masked Hidden Redirection sends your domain visitors to any website you specify just like Standard Redirection with one difference. Here are some reasons why you would want to setup a redirect on Github Pages. Indexhtml This file is the template for the page you want to host at usernamegithubio.

To make a page in HTML redirect to another page you should follow this syntax. The simplest way to redirect to another URL is to use an HTML tag with the http-equiv parameter set to refresh. The problem I was having with doing a simple 301 redirect from indexphp to the canonical URL is that apache treats both those requests as the same thing.

Create a 301 redirect for all http requests that are going to the old domain. How to redirect all pages to another domain usinghtaccess. RewriteRule indexhtml R301L.

Redirect indexhtml to a specific subfolder. Domain-level redirects All of the examples so far assume configuration for all domains assigned to the site using the specified paths. RewriteRule indexhtml R301L Share.

If instead you need to do something special for a specific domain alias or protocol HTTP vs HTTPS youll want a pattern more like this one. 301 Redirect indexphp or indexhtml to your main domain Simply enter the following code into yourhtaccess file changing the addresses in the examples below as needed and save the changes. RewriteEngine on RewriteRule foohtml barhtml R Discussion.

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For example if you use indexhtml as your index file and then later rename indexhtml to homehtml you could set up a redirect to send users from indexhtml to homehtml. If there are several individual pages which have moved just repeat as neccesary. As you can see it requires two parameters.

In this example as contrasted to the internal example above we can simply use the Redirect directive. Set the protocol to HTTPS only if youre looking to redirect the traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. The destination URL will be displayed in a framed HTML page.

Mod_rewrite was used in that earlier example in order to hide the redirect from the client. . Probably the simplest way to redirect the non-www to the www is to put this in your htaccess file.

Standard Redirection sends your domain visitors to any website you specify. Usernamegithubio redirects the user to a personal site hosted at a domain. Not sure how to access or change orhtaccess file.

Using Redirect in an htaccess file enables you to redirect users from an old page to a new page without having to keep the old page. RewriteRule indexhtml L If you want to avoid both the and indexhtml being indexed by search bots then add R301 to make it a permanent redirect rather than a temporary redirect 302 which is the default. Use your web browser to visit your sites domain.

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